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Example meat dish in our breadcrumbs


Our company offers top quality breadcrumbs which have six-month expiration date. Our product is made in accordance with PN-A-74113 it means that we produce our breadcrumbs from rolls specially prepared to grind. Our breadcrumbs are not mixed with bread or any other products. This product does not contain any preservatives or leftovers. After baking our breadcrumbs is dried in a special drying room. Each stage of production is inspected thoroughly hence the quality of our breadcrumbs is in line with the European standards. Our breadcrumbs are packed in 500g bags and10-kg boxes containing 20 pieces. We deliver our breadcrumbs on Euro pallets 500kg (50cartons). For the customers engaged in gastronomy and catering we pack our product in bulk ( 5kg, 10kg boxes and big bags 500kg). You can use your own transport, customer transport or commissioned carrier.

Example: meat dish in our breadcrumbs
Example:meat dish in our breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs packaging: 500g bag, 10kg carton, 10 kg bag
Packaging:500g bag, 10kg carton, 10 kg bag.


Retail package: 500g bag, carton= 10kg (20bags), palette= 500kg (50cartons)

Packaging for catering: 5kg bag, 10kg bag, 500kg big bag.

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, salt, yeast.