Bakery Konieczny

ul. Kościuszki 23, 39-300 Mielec / Poland

headquarters bakery Konieczny

The beginning of our family business dates back to 1996. We started our activity with confectionery and bread. We are an industrial manufacturer of bread crumbs. The advantage of our production is modern dryer and high production capacity, which allows to meet the expectations of contractors.

We want the products manufactured in our company to be associated with good quality and taste.

The location of the Bakery Konieczny.

The bread crumb

of our production, has a 6-month certificate of suitability for consumption. Contains no preservatives or phrases. It is packed in bags of 500 grams and 10 kilograms of cartons containing 20 pieces of retail packaging. Delivery is made on 500 kg euro pallets (50 cartons). For catering customers (bars, restaurants, catering, etc.) we pack loose bread rolls in 5kg and 10kg bags and big bag 500kg. Own transport, consignee or carrier.

Bread crumbs in packaging Konieczny Bakery